Hi Everybody!
I take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.
My name is Sumit Banerjee. I am passionate about knowing anything primarily related to technology, health, & personal finance.

I have been associated with technology for more than 20 years, contributing globally in various organizations, both big & small.
Uncertainty of the future has always bothered me. Being mindful, helps but not always.
Blogging perhaps would open me up.
Blogging is my humble effort to understand the core of myself.
It is my gateway to reach out to you to understand anti-fragility in all aspects of life. Be it Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship and something more…

I am an ordinary person who at times, tends to think little differently as compared to viewpoints of most people.

I love to do yoga, read, travel, and to meet people, engaging in conversations about the different experiences of life.